Akhtar Constructions Ltd.

Akhtar Constructions Ltd. was founded in 1995. Drawing on a rich history and a strong heritage of quality, stability and innovative leadership in the market place Akhtar Constructions Ltd. has an unyielding display excellence. Today we are one of the largest civil engineering contractors of the Industry. Our principal operations area is Dhaka city. Additionally the company continues to perform work on key projects all over Bangladesh. It is this heritage that allows us to possess the strong financial credentials stability to build long term partnerships with our customers and offer them a full range of diversified construction services while offering a safe and progressive work environment for our employees as well. Akhtar Construction performs operations and serves the following market areas: Land Development, Municipal, Commercial, industrial and civil construction.
Akhtar Constructions Ltd. demand excellence deliver on our promises and continuously search for new and better ways to provide the best solutions for our customers and all stakeholders. With an experience over 16 years in project management in the field of commercial and multi-storied residential development including consulate building and residence, we care about our clients and are personally committed to everything we do.


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