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Showcase is one the most pioneering, enlightening, and trend altering interior magazines of Bangladesh. With a vision far broader than other contemporaries we are equipped with excellent team work and skills, and our mission is to exceed the general readers’ expectations. When architecture and interior design have yet to profoundly mark its statute in a market of opportunity as Bangladesh, we believe in developing and inspiring other trend setters in the fields of architecture, interiors, and in fact the entire concept of ‘proper living’. We feature design ideas, market trends, and take a peek into the home and lives of some of the most fascinating people of the country. We believe that a beautiful life is more than a well-crafted design. We’re here to provide you with the resources and ideas that you need to make your home the untainted reflection of your personality. In addition to focusing on interior and architectural analysis, our conventional ‘business’ model shall include sponsors, marketers, and key role players to flourish. With a circulation of 15,000 copies at 5 different countries around the world, we shall grow with creativity, invention and passion and we plan to provide regional expansion only to construct a long term positive relationship with our readers, clients, makers and role players.