Foam Types
Akhtar Foam Products manufactures the largest range of flexible open cell polyurethane and polyester foams in Bangladesh.

Comfort Foams

We produces the largest range of Comfort Foams for the furniture & bedding industry.

Industrial Foams

We produces a range of specialist foams for industrial applications such as Flame Lamination for textile and automotive industries.

Reticulated Foam

Quick dry foam perfect for leisure and outdoor furniture. Designed to fit machine applications, vacuum and air conditioning filters.
Akhtar Foam Industries Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with ISI Certification for the akhtar range of products. Automation has been adopted at most points in the production line to ensure minimal human intervention. A highly qualified technical team oversees production at the plant and an efficient workforce executes tasks, thus adhering to the laid out quality standards.
Why Akhtar Foam ?
High quality 100% pure, Pin-Hole Free foam Proprietary Xbounce Anti-Sag Technology Hardness & Resilience to suit requirement Good Tensile Strength Extended Durability Wide range of Foam Density & Properties No Odour even after prolonged use Good Breathability Accurately controlled Cell Structure Consistent & reliable Service ISO 9001:2008 certified
Akhtar Foam Industries Ltd. boasts of an elaborately planned manufacturing facility. The facility is spread over 1,30,000 sq. ft. and is equipped with State-of-the-Art machinery. To promote maximum output and personnel safety, it has the best-planned plant layout and an intricate system of safety measures at multiple levels.


Akhtar Foam Industries Ltd. is equipped with some of the best machinery in the industry. From production of foam to its processing and packing, the product passes through a set of highly accurate machines, which aid in a higher production rate and better quality.

Processing and Packing

The processing facility at the plant maintains high standards of accuracy and precision. 30 meter long blocks are brought in from the storage shed through a system of cranes and conveyors, and undergo a series of cutting and packing operations to produce the desired end product.

Storage and Handling

Production of foam is an exothermic polymerization reaction, and a well-planned curing area is essential to ensure the thermal and dimensional stability of the end product. The use of racks and conveyors, coupled with a huge long-block storage facility is the key aspect to providing not just a quality product, but timely deliveries and service to all clients.

Scrap Disposal and Recycling

The plant also boasts of a recycling facility that uses waste and scrap foam pieces in making rebonded foam. This foam finds use in various applications such as carpet underlays and mattresses and ensures minimal waste generation from the facility.

Innovation is our Drive
Bangladesh’s leading supplier of quality foams to the Furniture & Bedding, Industrial, Automotive and Medical markets


With our 100% natural latex mattresses, allergic responses to triggers like mildew, dust and mold allergens are reduced.


Prevents the breeding of bacteria, thus providing a healthier sleep.

Dust mite resistant

Akhtar Foam is Dust-Mite resistant, reducing factors that can contribute to respiratory problems.

The 20+ year Guarantee

Each Akhtar Foam 100% extremely durable and comes with a 20+ year Guarantee.