About Us

Since its establishment in 1993, jat holdings has rapidly emerged as one of sriLanka’s strongest conglomerate brands offering a superior range of products And services that have effectively fulfilled the needs of retail and commercial Customers for over two decades. Having captured and confidently retained a dominant position in the sri lankan market, jat holdings has consistently and Successfully grown in presence and stature through innovative augmentations Of its product portfolio and bold expansions into new markets across the south Asian region. In 2016, jat took further steps to reinforce its legacy with the announcement of A new corporate identity aimed at supporting the company’s long-term growth Strategy by increasing awareness and appealing to new markets, in line with jat’s Own broadened international reach. This rebranding is a representation of jat’s Successful and on-going transition well beyond its paints and coatings heritage Into an integrated end-to-end solutions provider that utilises design and Construction to create and transform spaces in both domestic as well as Corporate spheres.

Sayerlack is the flagship brand distributed by jat. Initiated in 1954, sayerlack, based in italy has consistently provided the most innovative and Highest quality wood finishers to the industry. Commitment to Research and development of new technologies has Led to the brand being recognised as the largest producer of wood coatings in The world. Sayerlack is the pioneer in water based coatings and now offers a wider range Of products including polyurethane and nitro cellular lacquers with scratch, heat and chemical resistance properties. The brand is represented in 91 countries As the global leader of the segment and in 2016 jat paints became the largest Distributor in the world for sayerlack.
Our Team is…


We create solutions that improve the lives of our customers through early adoption of new Technologies and new ideas


We know our business inside and out. Each member of the jat team is encouraged to build an In-depth knowledge of every aspect of our business in order to service as thought-leaders and A source of knowledge for our customers irrespective of their position in the organisational Hierarchy


We constantly challenge ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone in order to Discover new channels of revenue. By taking intelligent, calculated risks we seek to Energise the business further and promote new opportunities for growth moving into The future


Efficiency, productivity and quality are at the core of our business. We carefully Monitor our performance and encourage our team to strive to even greater Heights in terms of their own performance and that of our competitors. In This manner we are dedicated towards further strengthening our position As market leaders both in sri lanka and across south asia.