Sanafir is an esteemed brand that embodies lewd, sophisticated lifestyle fashion retail. The brand evokes a mindset – an attitude. Sanafir is always defining fashion’s next stride forward. It is designed for the tastefully elegant woman.
Sanafir ventured its first boutique in 2013 at Pink City, Gulshan. Recognizing a demography that is neither junior nor bridge, Sanafir aims to create the upscale fashion brand for Dhaka’s women. Over the next years, Sanafir wants to establish itself as one of Bangladesh’s top fashion bursar.
Within its stores, Sanafir seeks to create an upscale, visually stimulating boutique aura while providing one of the best services to ensure an exceptional shopping experience. All the designs are created by addressing the clients’ styling needs. Sanafir also offers a line of designer merchandise for those who love to wear brands.